We all know that proper hydration is an important factor in a healthy diet. In our busy lifestyle we often forget to drink those 8 glasses of water a day, but what about our cats? Normally, a cat requires 60-118ml of fresh water in addition to its food.
Investing in a cat fountains may be a good idea for many reasons: it can provide even 3 liters of water, so it’s a great solution for households with many cats, it filtrates water, so that it’s clean and rich in oxygen, filters included in the fountain remove bad tastes and odors, and the sound of running water encourages cats to drink more!
While searching for a perfect fountain, it was important to us, that the device will be:
  • practical,
  • easy to clean
  • not too loud
Before that, we had a Catit Design Drinking Fountain. Overall we were happy with the product, but as the time passed, the spare component started to malfunction. First, we had a problem with the power plug, during one weekly cleaning session, we unplugged the cable from the adapter and this little pin inside it broke… Fortunately there was still warranty on the product, so we got a new plug. The second time, we noticed that the water flow is not as strong as it used to be. The reason was limescale building up inside the pump. We decided to open the pump the clean it, but after that operation the pump never worked again.
The Drinkwell 360 seems like a better choice, because the spare parts are more solid. It comes with very clever spout rings, that provide 1-5 water streams. You can control the flow and reduce the splashing, the pump is nearly silent and it’s dishwasher safe.
With our two cats we find it a perfect solution. The wide water container and spout rings allows 2 cats drinking at the same time. There is also a water in the container, so we don’t have to be worried that cats can’t reach it when there’s some problem is electricity, or the pump stops working while we’re away. The device really does encourage cats to drink more: it contains 3.8l of water and we usually have to refill the container every 4 days, and change the water completely after 1 week. It’s also a source of entertainment for cats, as they sometimes like “catching” the stream. The maintenance is also very easy: once a week we clean the whole fountain, and once a month we’re changing the filter.

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