Home Alone

It's finally summer! Time for vacation and travelling, but what to do when you have a cat at home? As we're preparing for the summer trip, we decided to make a useful post about how to prepare your home and cats when you're going on holiday. We own two cats, which makes it a bit easier, because they have each other, and they are not completely alone. But our guide is made for everybody. The most important is to ensure enough food and water, find someone who can come at least every second day (if your trip is longer than 2 days) and clean the litter box, and of course provide some entertainment.
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Cat sitter

Find someone who can take care of your cat: clean the litter box, give more food and water and spend some time playing. It doesn't have to be a professional cat sitter. Try to ask your friend or family member. We asked my boyfriend's mum to take care of them: she lives in another city, so she will also have holiday herself.


Make sure that the doors to another room won't accidentally close when you're away. It's a good idea to use a door stopper.

Food and water

Set two bowls of food and water. It's a good idea to get a water fountain with capacity 2-3l so you can be sure that your cat will have access to fresh, filtrated water all the time. Hide some snacks around the house, that will keep her entertained! :)


If your cat likes jumping at the windows sill, and she shouldn't. because of flowers standing there, consider buying a safe net and attach it to the window frame.


Leave some unwashed clothes, so your cat can still smell you. That will make her calm.


Get some new toys for your cat and give them right before you leave. That will keep her entertained. If you need some inspiration check here.

Cool room

Provide a "cool room": it can be bath room, or a room that doesn't face south.


Leave a couple of light on, for example on light stand or a small reading lamp.

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