In the previous post you could read about the plants that are safe for your cat Herbs & Grass safe for your cat.
Today we want to show you how did we arrange the balcony space for our little babies. Living in an apartment doesn't allow us to enjoy the open space and benefits of having a real garden, but even with a little, tiny balcony you can create a nice and cozy oasis for cats.
On the right Creamie relaxing next to the pot of lavender.
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Our primary goal was to create a little grass area, where they can relax and lay on. We planted the cat grass (or Wheat grass) in the wide container. You can read about the wheat grass benefits here
Our cats love spending time where during the warm days. Cooling grass brings them a good comfort and joy.
It's also important to take care of the right amount of shadow. Exposure to sun can cause burns, and cats can't really wear any sun screen lotions on their fur :)
Great option is to place some furniture like chairs or tables on the balcony. You can also hang some pots or make an awesome home made tent for your cats! Find out how here.
If you have some other great ideas how to arrange the balconies for cats, feel free to share it with us! We would love to hear them and see some pictures!

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