Hairballs can be a real nightmare for cats' owners. They form in the cat's stomach during the daily activities like grooming: cat swallows little chucks of fur that stays in the stomach causing the irritation. The best way to treat them is actually preventing them. There are many products available on the market. We picked a few that work best with our cats.
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Royal Canin Maine Coon

We mix Maine Coon food with Young Neutered Female to provide to best effects in our cats' diet. Maine Coon food is a special combination, designed especially for Maine Coon cats. It prevents hair balls, contains Omega 3 acids and it's unique shape encourage them to chew.

Whiskas Anti-Hairball

The favorite snack! It reduces the build-up of hairballs and can even eliminate the issue.

Cat grass

There are 2 main species of grass referred as a cat grass: Dactylitis Glomerata (also known as Orchard Grass or Cock's Foot) and Avena sativa (common oat, cat oat). But barley and wheat grass will work fine as well. The main benefits of the cat grass are: helps removing hairballs from the system, contains nutrients, provides vitamins and also cats like it!

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