Top 6 cat toys

Despite of sleeping almost the whole day, cats are also very playful creatures. Even the laziest house cat can't resist a red laser dot moving in front of her face. We decided to gather the list of 6 favorite toys, that our cats enjoy to play with. Maybe you can find here some inspiration to keep your cat busy, prevent her from scratching furnitures or your hands and provide them some activities.
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1. Laser pointer

That's a obvious winner! I think no cat in the world can resist the red dot and will do anything to catch it. You can be surprised what kind of gymnastic figures your cat is capable of doing! Remember never to point it into cat's eyes!

2. Playing rod

There are many variations available in the pet stores. Our cats absolutely love them. Rod provide a great exercise and allows the cat to release her energy. It's also recommended when your cat is showing aggression towards you and attack your hand, to train her by using the playing rod and keep the distance.

3. Balls

Our cats' favorite balls are Trixie Nub Toy Balls. They are covered with special numbs that, so you never know where the ball is gonna roll!

4. Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit

The tunnel contains a illuminated light ball that encourage cats to chase after it. Plus you can build it as you wish and connect with other items from Catit Series.

5. Cat tree

It's not exactly the toy, but this is where most of the fun activities happen. It's a great solution for the indoor cats to provide them some extra activity. A good cat tree contains a few scratching boards/tubes and platforms to sleep and play. Our cats love racing up and down the tree and relax on the platforms.

Cat Alone/Cat Alone 2 app

Everybody is addicted to their phones and tablets, no wonder that there is a place for a cat application within the virtual world. Just make sure you have a scratch resistant screen before you show it to your cat :)

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