cat’s ears

The rules of grooming part. 3

After a long break, we’re back with a new article! There’s been many things going on and we couldn’t find time to write anything. Additionally, Creamie got a mites in her ears. She’s in the end of treatment, but that inspired us to write an article about caring for your cat’s ears.
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Check the ears regularly


  1. Katherine says:

    My cat, Gunny, a DSH ginger cat, had an ear problem so I treated him for ear mites, several times. This didn’t seem to work and I didn’t know what to do! Most recently I came home from a weekend away and found that Gunny had a hematoma in in right ear flap. Well, to the vet we went. Turns out, Gunny doesn’t have ear mites, he has a yeast infection in both ears. He was treated with a steriod preparation in both ears. His eyelids have turned under so I am administering ointment to his eyes twice a day. Gunny is very unhappy with me but he is on the mend! Thank you Dr Steve!!

    • Helena Helena says:

      That sounds horrible! But at least your vet found the right treatment and your kitty will forgive you over time 😀 try to make him happy with some yummy snacks for being brave 🙂

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