Tail Language

The main task of the cat tail is to help her keep the balance. Apart from that it has also it's own "language". The good understanding of the tail language can help you with communication between you and your cat. You read learn how to read your cat's mood by watching the tail.
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Have you ever wondered

what your cat wants to tell you with her tail?

Position: up with a curve on the top

The neutral position for your cat. The tip bounce up and down as she's walking.

Position: up and straight

Greeting for another cat or human. You can observe a tail in puck position in a cat who welcomes us home after you enter the doors. It's also an invitation to play. When you pat a cat, she will also rise her tail to that position.

Position: swishing tail

Checking out the surrounding. Cat checks what's going on behind her. It can also mean the irritation.

Position: whipping tail

A tail that slaps back a forth indicates aggression, irritation or that she doesn't like something or she prepares to fight.

Position: puffed up

Cat hesitates between attack and defense. You can observe this position especially among small kittens towards the dogs, or also when cat is afraid of something for example the vacuum cleaner.

Position: down

Cat is happy and comfortable.

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