The rules of grooming part 1.


Regular brushing keeps your cat’s hair in good condition, removes old hair and it just takes a few minutes a day! You can easy collect hair from the brush instead and finding it all over the apartment.

There are many different kinds of brushes and combs available on the market, I recommend a two-side brush with metal pins on the one side and normal brush on the other. You should start with the metal side and work through from head to tail, then use a normal brush to remove dead and loose hair.

If you own a cat with short hair it’s enough to brush it once a week.

Long hair cats needs to be brushed even every day!

It may be a little hard to introduce your cat to brushing; she may treat it as a new toy, but after w few times your cat will definitely like it. It’s also important to find a good moment during the day for brushing, maybe after eating or playing when your cat is relaxed. It should be fun for both of you!
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